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Why Choose Us

For over 10 years, Freshfruit Vietnam has been serving their clients with expertise and trust

One of the leading trusted business partners in Vietnam, we are a company that is working with fruits and vegetables for more than 10 years. Freshfruit Vietnam is committed to the distribution of the best products in order to meet the needs of consumers. The efficient and dynamic organizational structure of the company, along with constant attention and care for the evolution of the market, allows us to meet the expectations and the requests of the big distribution with rapidity, efficiency, and precision. Special attention is given to the technology innovation process that allows monitoring of the supply chain and traceability of products, enable us to provide our clients a product with the highest standards of quality, freshness, and naturalness.

Sustainably growth farms and stable capacities

Freshfruit Vietnam remains a reliable choice of customers as the leading quality of raw material, involving all stages of growth farms, production process, logistics, distribution, and trading. The strong network with major suppliers and Vietnam farms gives us the opportunity to significantly increase the presence of a full range of fruit and vegetables on the market, always with high-quality standards. As being a network of men and women trusting each other, Freshfruit Vietnam works with partners producers sharing the same high standard of service and quality requirements. Certified with GlobalGAP, VietGAP, HACCP, BUC,… We keep our deadlines for your satisfaction.

High standards with cost competitiveness

Our company has focused on achieving the highest possible standards in production and obtaining all of the necessary certifications such as GAP and HACCP. We deliver our products to our customers around the globe by both air and sea freight with our extensive experience, attention to detail and a variety of ways to give the products a longer shelf life by using appropriate post-harvest technology together with a controlled atmosphere. Freshfruit team has generated sufficient expertise to develop the trust and satisfaction of our customers in the worldwide market for a strong and deep potential for the future.

A sales team focused on customers satisfaction

Freshfruit Vietnam specialized in providing fruits and vegetables to supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and catering organizations. Our qualified and courteous staff is always available to the client for any type of need and detailed advice for the trade, supply and wholesale of fruit and vegetables, to choose which products to buy, on what day and at what economic condition. Our happy staff is committed to providing you delight services. The constant attention to new market requirements has enabled Freshfruit Vietnam to successfully keep extremely good relationships with our providers and support them in major challenges and changes to come in the future.